Artificial intelligence for HR based on blockchain
We offer a brand-new approach for candidate evaluation.

The analysis of publicly available data and social media accounts helped us significantly reduce the time and the cost of HR decisions, thus enhancing the quality of candidate evaluation procedure.

Buy tokens of the project, which will disrupt the HR market.
Buy tokens of the project, which will break the HR market
Pre-sale starts
on October 24, 2018
GRT utility tokens
are profitable investment with great benefits

GoRecruit already helps HR

The analysis of publicly available data and social media accounts helped us significantly reduce the time and the cost of HR decisions, thus enhancing the quality of candidate evaluation procedure.

GoRecruit —
It is an AI-based platform for HR, which is designed for analysis of social media and other public data. Data integrity and accuracy are ensured by the Blockchain technology
GoRecruit will provide companies with the tool set to significantly reduce the time and the cost of finding a perfect employee and improve the quality of decision-making.
You can’t trick GoRecruit: its algorithm evaluates applicants’ soft skills and professional aptitude rather than their self-presentation abilities at interviews.
On the average, the GoRecruit service is 1/40 as expensive as a traditional evaluation procedure. It creates a huge potential for tokens to rise in value.
Why will we disrupt the market?
A brand-new approach to HR that works as a combination of multi-year research findings, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain
Current status
GoRecruit today
  • A working, fast developing product with complete architecture and a system of collecting data from social media and publicly available sources

  • Algorithm of expert evaluation with user-friendly interface

  • A project which was successfully tested in companies with more than 1,000 employees

  • A service already used by 470 companies
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free tokens
free tokens
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Experts predict the rise in value of GRT tokens by the end of public sale.
Token distribution
Stabilization fund

Pre-sale Cap: $2M

Tokensale Cap: $12,5M

Token Price: $3.00

Pre-sale price: $2.50 (+20% bonus)

Total supply: 8,275,642 GRT

Platform: Ethereum

Token standart: ERC 20

Initiation of the research in the field of open-source data analysis for HR decision-making purposes
Development of a job candidate evaluation algorithm based on data from the VK social network and implementation of the first version of the product
4Q 2015
Product rollout in the first large company (1,000 employees), and carrying out studies to prove the initial hypotheses
1Q 2016
Launch of the second version of the product with a new GUI
4Q 2016
100 active users
Launch of the second version of the product with a new GUI
4Q 2018
Development of a Blockchain architecture
4Q 2018
Development of a profession modeler
1Q 2019
Development of a PWA platform
1Q 2019
Mobile application development for Android and iOS
2Q 2019
Increasing the number of publicly available sources for data analysis
2Q 2019
Development of a robust architecture and a load balancing system for computational application instances for the purpose of project scaling
3Q 2019
Localization of the product by translating it into 5 most spoken languages in the world
3Q 2019
Global market expansion
4Q 2019
Conducting additional research regarding applicant's social media profile parameters and other data from public sources that may affect HR decision-making
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As seen in
Alexander Barabash
CEO, Co-Founder
Souheil Zakkar
Director of Sales, Co-Founder
Vitaly Volnyanskiy
CPO, Co-Founder
Michael Gradoboev
CTO, Co-Founder
Pavel Ryabov
Evgeniy Belousov
Back-end/blockchain developer
Vsevolod Norin
Front-end developer
Alexander Chertilin
Lead Developer
Grigoriy Botschkaryv
AI specialist, mathematician
Dinara Gagarina
Mathematician, PhD, AI & Robotics specialist
Leonid Strukov
Web designer
Maria Konyaeva
Valery Konin
Psychologist, Personality assessment specialist
Alyona Pavlova
Psychologist, Personality assessment specialist
Anna Lapochkina
What is the project all about? What are the objectives of GoRecruit?

GoRecruit is a platform for job candidate evaluation by analyzing publicly available data and social media accounts. The service is rating each applicant according to their professional aptitude for different job positions.

As soon as a position becomes vacant, an HR-specialist has to perform a number of operations, e.g. advertising the job, collecting CVs, analyzing them, interviewing applicants (sometimes several times), and selecting the best ones. This process may take weeks, even months. During this time, the company looks forward to getting a valuable employee and spends money on recruitment. However, in the end, the final decision might turn out to be wrong as many applicants have learnt how to pass a job interview "properly".

GoRecruit makes it possible to conduct evaluation in a few seconds, compare all applicants and choose the best one. Thus, a company is able to shorten the time for filling a vacancy, reduce the cost of HR decision-making, minimize staff turnover and, ultimately, increase its profits.

What innovations does the solution introduce? Why is it efficient?

Right now, GoRecruit makes it possible to evaluate a candidate based on more than 70 parameters, including basic ones (age, gender, education, literacy) and more complex ones, such as social activity, mental stability, psychological profile, etc.

These data are processed by our unique algorithm based on text analysis and a neural network. As a result, one can obtain an unbiased candidate profile and assess their professional aptitude.

One can say that an evaluation algorithm simulates "human" approach. However, GoRecruit processes much larger amounts of data than a regular HR-specialist and does it only in a matter of seconds.

The AI-based GoRecruit system makes it possible to carry out an unbiased evaluation using more than 70 parameters from public sources. There are basic parameters, such as age, gender, education, literacy, interests, and more complex ones, like social activity, mental stability, psychological profile and others. All data processing is enabled by a unique algorithm based on text analysis and a neural network.

Essentially, GoRecruit simulates human decision-making process. It only takes a matter of seconds for an expert system to process a multitude of parameters, which is beyond normal human capacity.

Is there background to the project? For how many years has the team been working?

We started investigating this field 8 years ago, and discovered that there is a correlation between the way a person presents themselves in social media and their real psychological profile. Later on, we were able to prove our hypothesis by building a mathematical model and developing an initial interface of the system. We tested the product in a company with more than 1000 employees.

Is there an MVP for the project? Has the product been tested?

A working version of the product is presented on the GoRecruit website ( It processes data about Russian citizens from the VK social network and other public sources. Nearly 500 companies use the service.

How big is the project expected to be? What is its global task?

Having undertaken the research and confirmed the hypothesis, we see an opportunity for replicating our product on the global market. There are now over 3 billion social media users in the world, and the number continues to grow. Headhunters have long used social networks to find and hire employees. In fact, social media are an essential tool in HR. However, as they grow, the need to automate the process and improve the quality of decision-making increases as well. For this purpose, we have developed an artificial intelligence system that will reduce bias in hiring decisions and cut down expenses on maintaining HR staff by optimizing its work routine.

GRT purchase
Have VC or other funds invested in the project?

Yes, they have. Being the residents of the Skolkovo Foundation (, we passed the expertise of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises ( and won a three-year grant for scientific research. The project gets investments from our personal funds as well.

What bonuses or discounts are provided for early participants of token sale?

TGE participants receive a 20% bonus at the stage of public pre-sale. For example, purchasing 1,000 tokens will generate 200 tokens of profit. Thus, the effective price of GRT is $2.5.

For the contributors at the Public Sale stage the profit will gradually decrease from 15% to 0%. As a result, the GRT price may range between $2.61 and $3. Buyers at the pre-sale stage get maximum profit.

When does the public ICO start / end?

The information will be announced after the pre-sale.

What will be the starting token price when the ICO is over?

After the ICO is over, the token price is $3. Experts predict rise in value of GRT tokens after the public sale is over.

GoRecruit tokens
Create your own value out of GRT utility tokens